Risk Assessment Tools

iFAAM has developed a number of tools for SME to help with allergen risk assessment and management, particularly aimed at SME food businesses. The best practice guides are intended to be used in conjunction with these tools. The tools are:

  • iFAAM Allergen Tracking Tool, which helps address systematically issues identified in:
  1. Guidance on food allergen management for food manufacturers (FDE) (Sections 2.4 Raw materials handling, 2.5 Equipment and factory design, 2.6 Production process and manufacturering controls & 2.7 Consumer information, Section 3 Cleaning and cleaning validation and Annex 2 Allergen risk analysis and management)
  2. Managing allergens in food processing establishments, particularly implementation of hazard analysis (pages 12-14) and Chapter 3 Key components of a food allergen management program
  3. Best practice on managing food allergens with particular reference to avoiding cross-contaminantion and using appropriate advisory labelling Section 3: Allergen risk assessment, management and communication
  • Tier 1 Risk Assessment, which can help implementation, as described in:
  1. Guidance on food allergen management for food manufacturers (FDE) Annex 2 Allergen risk analysis and management
  2. Food allergen labelling and information requirements under the EU food information for consumers regulation No. 1169/ 2011: Technical guidance Item 72 (page 24): Application of precautionary allergen labelling including hazard analysis, risk assessment and recall decision-making

    In the event that a SME food business determines they have an unmanaged risk, using the Tier 1 risk assessment, iFAAM may be able to provide additonal support. For more information, contact Sian Astley (sa@eurofir.org) who - for the time being - will pass on enquiries. Ultimately, this will be replaced with a contact form, but the site is currently under construction.